All kinds of antiques are an interesting subject for macro photography. Shooting them, you should take care of the atmosphere of these photos. In my opinion such items do not look good in the full light, and especially in the light of flash. I used Olympus Macro Arm Light here which created an air of mystery and made the photographed items look genuinely old. In the photograph you can bring out what you really want to show and hide all the rest in the mysterious darkness.
In the following photo you can see an old German beer mug. Patriotic inscription on the mug refers to the love of the country. We all know to what the German style patriotism led in later times.

Olympus XZ-1, Olympus Macro Arm Light

This is the cover of the mug. The theme of fish devouring each other is interesting.
Can it be prophetic of the later history of Germany?

Olympus XZ-1, Olympus Macro Arm Light

The mechanism of an old clock. For me such mechanisms are something magical as if the time they measured was locked up in them. If only old things could tell us about what they have seen, we would hear plenty of interesting stories.

Olympus XZ-1, Olympus Macro Arm Light.
Old American faience clock manufactured by Ansonia Clock of New York.

French brass fireplace clock damaged by the ravages of time.

Angelic legions in my cupboard guard the peace and making use of my good mood I will tell you some made-up story so that you did not get bored. Such story could be the subject of a fairy tale for children. In my house, the bedroom occupies the entire attic. There is a lot of space there, so many interesting antiques were put there. There is, among other things, antique sewing machine, old valve radios and a lot of dolls, maybe not old but made to look that way. One night, I do not know if it was a dream or reality, I heard a quiet giggles and conversation coming from a place where there was a sewing machine. Listening to it I began to understand snatches of sentences: We will have a big party... We have to make new dresses for ourselves... But this sewing machine is so big... All we have to do is stand here and swing...
Completely awake, I grabbed the camera, which I keep under my pillow at night just in case, and snapped a few pictures. When the macro flash turned on, the sounds died away, and I saw the dolls standing motionless around the sewing machine.

All the photos taken with Olympus XZ-1.