High sensitivity to movement

What is also specific about his field of photography is that the smallest movement of the object or the shake of the camera can ruin a very interesting photo. That is why the special accessories such as shutter release cables, electrical shutter releases, various camera stands and mirror lock-up function are used. I have to admit that I rather avoid these methods as the best solution for me is using the flash. Thanks to it I am unhindered by anything while taking photos and I enjoy the pure activity of shooting and the fact that several photos come out blurred is not a problem in the digital photography era. The so called image stabilization (both lens-based and body-based) is very useful here. It allows us to use the longer exposure times and consequently the smaller apertures. Currently the macro lenses with image stabilizers are produced. One of them is Canon 100mm L Macro IS USM. The producer applied the newest hybrid image stabilization technology that at the 1:1 reproduction ratio allows you to achieve the 2 EV level of stabilization that means the possibility of stopping down by two f-stops. / provides a two EV gain, meaning a possibility of stopping down by two f-stops. These benefits rise up to four EV along with increasing distance from the object. As the owner of these lens I can say that it is a great advantage.