Winter is such season of the year which, on the one hand, deprives us of many objects to photograph, and on the other hand, offers us new, equally interesting ones. You only should not fear that the camera will freeze, and you should take the macro lenses as well, when you go for a walk. From my own experience I know that the greater he frost, the more interesting object to photograph can be found in nature.
In my garden there is a small pond with a cascade in which the red crucian carps live. I the winter, I do not turn off the water pump so that the water did not freeze completely and so that the fish had enough oxygen. Once, when there was a big frost, I noticed ice sculptures next to the cascade that were formed from splattering water droplets.

This strange formation was called by me ‘ice alien from Neptune’.

And this is the alien’s palm.

There is also another palm that is giving the finger to someone.

And this is what the structure of the ice figure looks like.

Fujifilm S 5 PRO, Sigma 70 mm f/2,8 EX DG Macro, Nikon SB-600
Frost is a great artist. At night, especially when it is biting, it creates a great frosty plumes on plants.


Olympus XZ-1


Fujifilm S 5 PRO, Sigma 70 mm f/2,8 EX DG Macro, Nikon SB-600


Fujifilm S 5 PRO, Sigma 70 mm f/2,8 EX DG Macro, Nikon SB-600


Fujifilm S 5 PRO, Sigma 10-20 mm f 4-5,6 DC HSM

Hoarfrost and rime are beautiful to look at, but they can cause serious material losses breaking branches, damaging power lines, etc.

When photographing frost, you need to think about the greatest depth of field, especially when plumes are large and pointed in different directions. It is good to take pictures with poorer lighting conditions with the flash, because the icy ornaments look better on a dark background.

Single snowflakes are even more presentable. If you want to photograph them, you have to use really high magnifications. The following pictures show a snowflake magnified five times.

Canon 50d, Canon MP-E 65 mm 1-5 x Macro Photo, Macro Twin Lite MT-24 EX flash

The result would have been much better if there had been more uniform background, but at such high magnifications and with a flash at a very short distance it is hard to find the right material.

I always associate winter with Christmas and the Christmas tree. It is good to take some photos in this period of time to keep this unique wonderful climate for longer.

Olympus XZ-1

Olympus XZ-1, Olympus Macro Arm Light

Olympus XZ-1